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I put a Williams WGRS-HR on my Green Hornet thinking it would be great for close shots and stalking of groundhogs next spring. But my eyes will not focus on the front sight with or without my glasses on. I really get a crumby sight picture. I have therefore decided to put a scope on it. Disappointing but then aging has its advantages. Now let's see now-----there's - and there's --- well I don't have to work full-time now. Leaves more range time.

From the range time I have had so far it looks like it's going to shoot O.K. All I want is 2 MOA.

By the way, during scope swapping today I had to drill out a couple of the rail hold-down screws. Does anyone have a couple they can spare? Pm if you have any that you feel like parting with. I will remember you in my will!!

Anyone know the spec for the rail hold-down screws??


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