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Only a T/C shooter would appreciate this story, so let me share it with you.

The weather finally broke here in PA today, making for a great opportunity to head to the range for a few hours of "homework" and plinking. Two of us started at the fifty yard range with our .22lr/match barrels for some friendly plinking when here comes two guys w/ a rifle looking to setup their scope. Well, they were having problems to say the least, numerous trips down range to check their target and still nothing within the inner 3" circle.

We must have appeared like we had a clue what we were doing, or they had never seen a Contender before. While they were at their target I pulled a switch on 'em. My 7-30 Waters is set-up exactly like my .22. Two completely different guns though. I had some fireforming to do, so I put everything for the .22 away and got settled before these guys come back

Well, imagine their surprise when I touched off the Waters after they were conditioned to the .22! :-D The one guy asked (yelling at me from 3 benches down)"What the H#!! was that?" I gave him my best surprised look and said," WOW, that was a hot loaded one." Remember now , this poor guy still thinks I'm shooting .22's.

Before we left I had to let them in on our secret. Everyone got a good laugh out of it, and we all made new friends - couldn't ask for a better day.
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