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Hey folks, I've got a Ron Fox (original not King) long bow that I am not getting enough time to shoot. It is a #[email protected]" and is a beauty. Without range time, I'm just not proficient enough with it right now to hunt cleanly. Some of the original markings on the bow are still visible but mostly faded. The finish needed repair and one of the antler tip overlays needed to be replaced. I sent it to David Oaks of Brush Country Bows for this work and he did a spectacular job with a full refinish and replacement tip overlay.
This bow shoots very well and is fast and hard hitting. I just wish I had more time to use it but working offshore isn't conducive to hunting time. Included is a leather King's back quiver, a Thunder-horn bow quiver, 1/2dz brand new Port Orford arrows with screw on adapters, practice arrows, arm guard, tab and bow stringer. This is a full on setup that is ready to go.
Deal Pending
The extras alone that I'm including with this bow are worth the full price I'm asking. I'd love see this work of hunting art be used to take game by a forum member who will do it justice.
Email for questions at [email protected]
Thanks for looking,
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