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Otis Cleaning Systems

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:D I'm not an expert on firearms but have 2, 22 rifles and a Buckmark 22 and like to shoot.I visited the Otis website thanks to this fourm and found out I've been cleaning my guns wrong and using a rod which can damage the bore. Any other dummies out there? Here is the site. Glad I found out!!! DPete
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I can't say I agree with every thing they say, I personally don't knoe how or why you would clean a barrel without cleaning the chamber also. Who cares if you get dirt in the chamber as long as you get it clean in the end? As for the alluminum rod, there is probably some truth to this and I am guilty of using one also. KN
Ken: when you find the kit that has every brush in it from the 17 and up will do the shotguns and all has the kit like you bought in it plus the patches,I mean everything all in a little case you will be in heaven like I feel I am glad you like yours I love mine. :D JIM
Ken: Christmas is only 10 months away just think of all the good things you can come up with to put into it. :D JIM
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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