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outdooredge knives

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Has any one here used thoes knives? how do you like them?
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Hey TommyBoy check your post on the other site.....


I'm interested about these knives too. What are post are you refering to?

:? I've only owned one outdoor edge knife, and that was the Wedge, which won the 1997(I think) imported knife of the year. It was a nice little neck knife design done with the absolutely cheapest materials, blade, handle and sheath) you could find. The blade especially wasn't capable of holding much of an edge, being made of 420 J2 stainless. You find that steel on a lot of cheap knives, because it IS cheap. Probably the worst stainless steel on the market for most using knives, its good for dive knives 'cause of its high chromium content. The Impulse(Darryl Ralph designer) and Magna(Kit Carson designer) appear to be knives of a different color. Both are made of much better steels and the Magna, especially, appears to be a real hard use design(for a folder).
Not sure if Edge and Outdoor Edge are the same or not. But I have an old lock back folder with the name Edge on it. Dunno where or even when I picked it up as I've had it a LONG time.

The metal sharpens really quickly but dulls equally as quick. Sure wouldn't wanna use it for anything serious. I use it on the shooting range to pull staples from targets as often as anything. Still if the cutting task is small it does do a fine job as it will sharpen up real easy and even tho it dulls fast it is just a few strokes away from being sharp again.

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