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Pack Rifle?

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I do a lot of walking in way out places,I carry a .44 with bird shot in one or two chambers for when I get hungry.I been thinking of getting one of those survival folding over and unders .22-.410 stainless.They are compact and light, has anybody used one and did you like it ? Lp.
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Hey lead pot,

I use to have an older Savage model 24. It was the camper model, a .22 over 20ga. Man, I loved that little dude. I'd carry it and a .22 pistol. We use to do a lot of canoe floating, camping out on gravel bars and fishing at night when I was in High school. I haven't done much since but sure would like to again sometime. I had the O/U with me on several of these trips. Always handy. I bagged several squirrels, the occasional rabbit and a deer with it once with a rifled slug while floating down the river. I always liked having that shotgun and some #8's when it came to relocating snakes, sure beat trying to hit one with a .22.. Unfortunately, I let my Step-Dad talk me out of it and he still has it.

I had the chance to buy one of those H&R "snake charmers" not to long ago. There was a pawn shop above the station that was going out of bussiness and had one on the shelf. I had my eye on it as it was being constantly marked down, but before I could get the price right the doors were locked and all remaining inventory was sold off in one big lot. I did buy a Winchester .30 carbine so cheap that I still have trouble sleeping when I think about it.
I've read some good things about the Springfield Armory survival rifle, the only draw back's being with the trigger and the rifle finish. If I ever find one reasonably priced at a gun show I might have to "adopt" it.

Frog :D
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:D Hi Frog.I saw a over and under hanging on the wall once I dont know who made it .It was all sst.with a folding stock a verry crude looking thing that was all metal.But I havent seen one since.TNX.Frog
:D lead pot
We dont have to worry about those bitten worms up here
But as much hiking around as you do in differnt climate
how about a t/c contender with extra barrel.If weights not a poblem
a single six and that new win 9410 carbine.
But if ya set on one of them over unders you could pick one
of the older modles and modify it for the great leadpot biathalon pack shotgun rifle combo.
Dabigmoose :D
:D Hi dagigmoose>well I dont know about the biathalon,I dont go for the sprint any more :-D ,this old far----is getting a little slow :) .Well the Anaconda serves me well,but sometimes i think that little .22would be better at times.

I was going to download some of my photos were I walk, but the msn I down loaded a deer picture on Deer hunt page took up all the room I had,and I'm to cheap to buy roomHI.HI.
I getting ready to take a walk in Mich. week let you know what happend when I get back.Lp.
I don't have helpfuyl insight into the question at hand, but you all caught my attention with your biathlon talk. Shoot me a line sometime if you would ever like to chat about it. I've never gotten to do the winter variety, but I've been around the block on the summer circuit!
pack rifles

I think about this one from time to time. I don't like those over/under combos or survival breakdown rifles for one reason or another. It's usually a weight or durability or quality thing with me. I can't find the perfect piece.
So far, I'm leaning toward a Marlin lever action 22 carbine. It sounds like a good compromise for me. I don't know as I'm always changing in this area of firearms. This subject always seems to pop up when I'm sitting around the campfire.
:D Hi alpini.

Ja I do too_Over the years I have severat over and unders,mostly in the .410-.22.I dont think there is a better rabit gun.
But I saw a over and under that looked a little crude but I think it would be ideal for what I want it for.I think it was made by Springfield not sure,I havent seen one again for a long time.It looked like it was about 18 or 20" long.Just ideal for the pack.
That little Marlin your talking about ,is that the little single shot ?Lp.
Hey Lead pot
The rifle I'm talking about is a little lever action repeater, I think it's the model 39 carbine. They have a breakdown screw on the receiver that splits the rifle in half for cleaning and tranportation. It's been around forever. I don't know though, it kinda breaks my self-imposed 3 lb limit.
I known a few people that had those Spingfields you're talking about. They liked them a lot. I'd like to shoot one. I'm a little leary of that trigger, it does look to be a really decent survival piece. It might very well be the ideal pack rifle. I need to check one out, but finding one is another story.
There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of choices out there or I'm too picky. I think I have to be willing to compromise some things or deal with the equipment burden I choose to carry, which is what I've been doing. I just don't like dealing with heavy iron I might not use.
Hi Al
I have a 39 with a three didgit number that was a birthday gift from my Mother when I was about 10 boy that has been for ever :-D
the rifle you are referring to is the m6 scout, sold by springfield, made by cz, i believe.go over to the plainsmans forum, a lotta people love those things! i want one, but not financially able right now...
Hi Alice

I found one this weekend at a gun show,It is a little crude looking but it is light and folds up small so you can pack it.TNX. for your help. Lp.
did you buy it? if so, tell me about the accuracy with the .22....
No I did'nt Alice,I walked arround thinking about it ,and when I made up my mind it was gone :) Lp.
if the M6 is the one i'm thinking about. (ugly as sin little O/U all metal job with a "squeezebar" for a trigger?) it's a great little gun, but well let's just say that the lawyers got to it and it USED to be just a slight bit better for packing up.

that design was originaly devised as a survival rifle for Downed US pilots and was ment to fit into the seatpack of the ejection seat. (the inability to make a .22LR rond that was "hague convention compliant" doomed a really good idea) in the original form, and some of the first form comercial guns are still out there but rare, there was No triggerguard. the "squeeze bar" trigger was unprotected and safety was accomplished by not cocking the derned thing till ready to fire. the lack of a gurad allwoed the barrels to fold back flat against the "stock/trigger" thus making a truly compact little bugger.

then the lawyers stepped in a guard was added and now the thing takes up 3x or more space as it used to.
My favorite pack rifle is the Browning 22 auto, takes down small, and is a joy to shoot. If you want a very light rifle, the chipmunk is a small unit. Personally, I'm like you, my 629 6.5 inch 44 mag is a great river gun, shot for moccasins that want to join you, etc. Usually the Browning gets taken just for plinking etc. Another cheapie is the 75 dollar single shot from Wally World, saw it off to a legal limit, then cut the stock short too if you are a mind, and tie it with 550 cord to the boat, or take it apart and put it in a pack when it's not needed.
Springfield Model 6 "Scout" rifle

These are made by CZ of Czechkoslovokia for Springfield.They are copies of the original air force survival weapon.The calibers are either .22LR or .22Hornet on top and a .410 on bottom.I have one and really like it.It is very accurate.They cost approximately $200.The finishes available are either drab parkerizing or stainless steel.Extra shells can be carried in the buttstock.
I fired one at the range once it had the trigger guard and was a 22hornet/410 combo IMO if it was all I had I would use it if I had my druthers I would choose the H&R combo 22mag/410 that comes with a case for the whole thing. I think the 22mag would be better from a survival stand point/power for ***** and critters bigger than I would hope to catch in my snare/410 for birds just seems this would be more to my liking in survival situation familiar trigger and heft might give comfort and confidience.
I own a springfeild m6 in 22lr/410. It is made by CZ for springfield. it is in stainless steel . it has som good features and som bad. I begin with good ones:
1- the rifle barrel is very accurate and shoot all maners of ammo with very good accuracy.
2- it is easy to clean and needs a bit less care than average blued gun.
3- it is vey compact and have place for 15 round 22 and 4 rounds 410 inside the stock..
4 - it is a good gamegetter and can provid you food if you keep your range very short max 50 yads for the 22 lr and ½ of that with 410 and the best loadings are 3 inch shells n0 4 to 6 depending to the game. my m6 is capable of 2 inch groups with slugs and i found that fedral with 1/4 onz loading gives the best preformanc on the game upp to the 50 pound or so.
the bad ones are.
1- the length of pull is too short.
2-trigger system is a real joke and not so relaible you my loose a part you may need too chek it all the time and it is very difficult to repair in the wilderness i do prefer trigger system in my savage 24,
3- the barrels are not regulated to shoot at same point of impact.
4 i prefered to have it with 44 mag instead of 410 for larger game and predator defens.
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A synthetic stocked T/C Contender G2 rifle would be nice. You could use the 16 1/4 inch barrels for less weight. One could rig up a case with compartments for rimfire/centerfire rifle and shotgun barrels. Just don't lose the hinge pin!

The H&R 1871/NEF Handi-rifles can be used the same way. The Survivor has a synthetic stock with a storage compartment. One can get it set up as a .45 Colt/.410 combo.

H&R/NEF also has the VersaPack, a youth-sized (it would fit a pack better) .22/.410 rig.
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