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Paid $3.09 for gas this morning

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What's the price like in your area?
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Ill pay for your fillup if you pay for mine, gas is $2.07 a litre. There is 4 litres to a gallon, ill be happy to fill your tank, heck we might even go for a beer on me with the savings
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Down here to $2.039 per liter
4 liters to a gallon 😲
$1.964 litre here or around $7.856 + currency exchange of 25% = $9.82 gallon.
I filled up my 06ranger and the wifes honda fit and dropped $200
Got gas yesterday and near frll over $1.694/litre
Or $6.776 gallon
Ill fill your tank if you fill mine $1.84/l regular gas $2.14/l diesel
4L to a gallon roughly $7.40 gal gas $8.60 diesel

Its expected to go up Friday $0.13 gas $0.25 diesel per liter
1 - 6 of 1532 Posts