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I have to tell on myself for a learning lesson. I asked Quickdtoo to send me
I asked Quickdtoo to send me the 445 SM reamer one night. The next day I received it in the mail.
(Thats why he has Quick in his name/ I also believe he must have some secret
connection with the post office ;) ). As always I was slammed by work and put in
some long hours and had no time to ream. I felt bad for having the reamer for about
10 days and still hadn't reamed my barrel. I decided to ask if anyone was waiting on the
reamer. Lucky for me :) no one one the list. So on day 14 I had a short amount of time
and decided I needed to get the reaming done.
So here it went.
Take barrel off gun. Check
Remove extractor. Check
Put barrel in vise and level it vertical. Check
Plug barrel with patches for shavings. Check
Took more time than I thought. Now hurrying a little.
Put cutting oil on reamer. Check
Now hurrying alot.
Ream Turn Turn
Take reamer out, Take to door of my shop, Use air nozzle
to blow off metal shavings.
Ream Turn Turn
Take reamer out, Take to door of my shop, Use air nozzle 3/4 way done, Crap, noticed one of the flutes(cutting edges)was broken.
Panic set in.I know the rule about not turning a reamer backwards. I Didn't . Check Looked high N low for the broken piece. None to be found.
Unplugged the barrel patch and check down the barrel not there.
??? Now what ? ? ? ? ?
Decided after looking at the reamer very closely Surrounded by an Idiot(me)
I pressed on.
Everything looked good. Finished reaming. Everything looked good. But!
Should I have stopped ? Did I ruin the barrel? Hum?
Now the really hard part. How do I tell Quick without looking like a Dufus.
I searched online to see where I could get a new reamer, Cost, and type.
PMed Quick, Explained my story. How did he want me to proceed to make
things right. He replied.
It was already broken when he sent it to me. He had done a chamber cast on a
barrel and it was still good to use. Whew !!!!!!!!!!!! Dodged a bullet.
( Still looked like an Idiot). I should have noticed right away.
Pay attention Before During and After working on a gun/reloading.
If your in a hurry. don't do it and wait till your not rushed.
Lesson Learned!

P.S. Quick could have really messed with me for a few days and told me
it was a special metal and cost a gazillion dollars to replace. But he didn't.
Thanks Quick

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Got the reamer back yesterday, so it's ready to go again if anyone wants it. Bikerbeans broke the reamer and offered to replace it, but after cutting a perfect chamber with it, it's good to go as is, all revealed in the reamer sticky, so no secrets. ;D


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Tim I know most of us are guys and being such don't read directions... BUT Maybe its a good idea (If you did not already) to put a note in the box saying the reamer is damaged, BUT works fine... Just a suggestion... ;)


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Did, it's on the instruction sheet that's included with the reamer....the one many fail to return with the reamer so I hafta make another one for the next guy. :-\


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