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everybody has a passion...

I think everyone has a passion for a specific species or style of trapping. I used to be a dry-lander only, till I put on waders once and hauled in my first beaver. Now, I can't decide which is I try to do both.
I prefer my ***** up on dryland...dry, fluffy, and much easier to handle in the skinning shed. But, there is also something cool about seeing one caught in a pocket set, too.
I watched my uncles trap for years, and each had very different setups and equipment. Eventually the one went toward coyote-type setups completely, and the other went toward ****/beaver setups only. I got to learn the best of both worlds.
Follow your passion...'cause you have to feed your soul, so to speak. But have fun and try new things too. It's what keeps live full of variety and keeps things interesting.
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