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Howdy All,
Been looking at a lot of Mosin pix and my own. Some seem "redder" than others, my 1938 Izhevsk included. It shows some wear, doesn't need a refinish right this minute, but have been debating it for "someday". Basically I like the reddish tint.

Anyone know if that's an artifact of the finish, or just aging, etc.

Plan to take it out of the box tommorrow and give it a good going over, so guess I'll see how red the wood is in the inside as well.

Anyone know what the period correct finish was for the wood? I've read "shellac" but don't know it for a fact. Since it's be re-arsenaled according to Cabelas, guess there's really no point in worrying about refinishing it. But would like to keep it a sort of red mahogany color.

About the metal. Has a bit of a non-relective sheen to it. Not the mirrored blue of a production hunting rifle. But not quite parkerizing either. Anyone know what that is? Anyone know what sort of polish and blue was done in that period when they were brand new?
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