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I just finished putting up the last of the persimmons that I picked off the tree at work. I tell 'ya I can't wait 'till next fall, there's gonna be more competition in the woods for these things. I remember watching and helping my Great-Grandmother put up peaches and make preserves so I had a basic idea of what I was getting into. Here's the recipe that I used last night.

3lbs FULLY ripe persimmons
1/3 cup cold water
1 cup sugar per cup of pulp
6 oz liquid pectin

Clean persimmons and remove stem caps. Cut persimmons in half. Crush persimmons through a food mill or mash through a colander. Recover the juicy pulp, measure out one cup. Place one cup of pulp in a medium saucepan add 1/3 cup cold water. Cook over medium high heat stirring constantly. When hot, add 1 cup of sugar stir until melted. Bring mixture to a boil. Add liquid pectin, stir and hold at a boil for one minute. Remove from heat, skim away any foam and pour into hot, sterile, jelly jars and seal.

The above recipe for 1 cup pulp/ 1 cup of sugar will fill two 8 oz bell jelly jars. Remember to use fully ripe persimmons, if there's any that are not fully ripe they will add a bitter astringency that will only increase as you cook them down.. Good Luck

Frog :D

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dry some


If you take slightly under ripe and still firm fruit and slice it 1/4" thick and dry it you will have some real good treats for the hunt. You can peel them if you want, or for more fiber in the diet, leave the peel. Not that noticeable in the finished product.

The astringency will leave when they are dry and cool. Don't try them while they are still warm from the dryer or they will still be astrigent.

They taste very similar to dates.

Take care
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