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pierced primers on 209mag pistol

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Have started getting pierced primers on my 50 cal using 2- 50 grain pellets with 245 grain power belts. also when putting hammer down from full cock to safe you an hear a click. Any ideas ? hoot
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Make sure you are using 209primers not 209A's,209M's or anything like that they have to be 209's.
pierced primers

At the time I'm having trouble am using 209a feds was usig rem 209 but ran out. Had borrowed some from a hunting buddy.
I had best results with winchester 209 primers. never had a problem again with my 209x50 15"
Why cant you use the 209m, or 209a primers for the 209x50. As long as you are not close the Max load for your gun?
Right now I am using 90 grs of pyrodex P 240 gr. 45 cal bullet and 209 m primers and have yet to have any troubles.

As a side note, today I found an unfired 209 m primer in the back of my truck it has been in it for almost 2 weeks trough rain ice storms and a bed full of snow. The primer was all rusted. I wanted to try and see if it would still fire out of my contender. took my empty gun loaded the primer and fired it. to my surprise it went off with about 2 inches of fire out of the muzzle (a 14 inch barrel)
pierced primers

Bought today
winchester 209 primers same thing happened, this was just primer alone no load in
encore. anybody ever have same problem if so how to cure it. May end up sending it back to TC.
Hoot619 with your barrel off insert a 209 and check if it flush, you may have bent your extractor.
If the extractor is bent, just take it off. I've had the extractor off of my 209x50 rifle since I got it. After you shoot, just break the gun open and tilt it to the side, spent primer just falls out.
pierced primer

When trouble first started extracter was on ,since then its been off. also pin shows and feels like it has been chipped ; rough or sharp edges.. Will call TC after the Holidays. When it was working ok showed a nice small dimple on primer now looks like a ragged punched hole . Thanks for all the replies. When it first happened had trouble breaking action open, pin was catching on extracter I think. Took extracter off at that time. Merry Christmas to all and the best for the New Year. Hoot or Ken
You probably need a new firing pin assembly. Sounds like there is a spring broken or bent somewhere in there, allowing pin to go too far forward.
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