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I thought I should post it here too....

I finally got some 220 gr Hornadys to try in my Whisper.
I have been wanting to try this barrel with heavy subsonic bullets to see if they are stable in my barrel. Loaded them with 11.7 grs of 1680. This load is supposed to shoot 1000 fps with 200 Matchkings. At 50 yds, they were all straight and true, no keyholeing at all. I was pretty happy with that. Not a bad group either, but I wasnt really testing too much for accuracy load. But get this....I figured while I had my scale set for that load, I would try the same load and bullet in my 7.62x39, and I brought these along to try also. I put 2 shots inside a circle the size of a quarter and one on the line with my unscoped SKS. I really like my Contenders, but good God SKS makes an excellent Whisper. Just thought I would share this experience. (I'm not sure this is the right place to post this)
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