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Powerbelts IN 1-48 BBLs?

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I shoot 295 aerotip powerbelts out of my 50 cal cva firebolt and like them. Thinking of trying them in my TC Firestorm 50 FLinter with 1-48" bbl. Any of you guys have experience with the PB in 1-48" BBLS? What grain and load ?? Thinking maybe of trying the 348 grainers.

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power belts

:D :D hi pa hunter i don't have any flinters under 54 cal. but do have a t/c hawkin that my dad and i built 25 years ago and recently had to recrown the barrle to get the accuracy back, the crown was starting to get ovalish , that was my falt not the rifle any way iv'e been using 295 gr hollow points and lke you have great results, a frind had some 444gr power belt bullets and we tried those. let me tell ya with those 444gr. bullet and 110 gr 2fg two shots letter and this guy put the hawkin up for the day i was interduced to an oldfriend named MR. RECOIL needless to say i went down to 295gr and settled on 92grns. 2fg goex get real good results out to 100 yards and i my self would if oppertunity presents a broud side shot i'd take it :D :D
I really like the powerbelts in my 1-48" T/C Hawken .50, they shoot nice tight groups. I was turned onto the powerbelts by a cousin who was shooting them in his .54 cal.
Jerry68: What grain PB do you shoot?

Thanks, PA Hunter
I shoot the 295 grain power belt bullets in MY T/C awken with 100 granis of ffg goex. They are the most accurate thing it likes. Shoots them very well. At 75 yards they will touch each other on paper with the tang peep site.
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