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preferred powders for 4-5/8" 357Mag Blackhawk?

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I'll be loading fullhouse loads for a 4-5/8" 357Mag Blackhawk.
Any suggestions on powders[and amounts] that are more likely to completely burn in that tube while propelling 158gr and 180gr projectiles- cast and jacketed?
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preferred powders for 4-5/8" 357Mag Bl

I've recently found that Lil'Gun works very well with max loads and heavy bullets in my 5.5" Redhawk and 4" GP100, your Blackhawk should do well with that powder too.

Here's a link to several heavy 173gr Keith loads that I've shot in the last few months.
preferred powders for 4-5/8" 357Mag Bl

I'm real happy with LIL'GUN, 18.0 grains with 158 grain XTPs. I haven't played much with 180's or any cast bullets in the .357. I've been using LIL'GUN for about 3 years now and really like the stuff.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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