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Problems with Scope Mounting

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I have a 209x50 which I mounted a leupold QR base and ring system onto. It was shooting 14 inches low at 25 yards, in a nice group. My scope did not have enough adjustment to bring it up to center. I thought the problem was with the mount, so I returned it. I bought the weaver T/C mount and the gun is still 14 inches low at 25 yards. I'm sure now that two sets of different mounts are not bad. I will shim so I can hunt for now, but after the season, should I stay with the shims, or explore the problem further. I'm pretty sure it has to be the barrel, unless a different explanation can be found. I am using a different scope now also, so it is not the scope, either. Has anyone else had this problem. I'm thinking of calling T/C to see if there has been a problem and returning the barrel to them. :?
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scope mount fix

Almost everyone who has owned an encore has had this problem--it is their one serious flaw. Easily fixed though with Burris Signature rings and offset inserts. These are plastic inserts that fit inside the rings and have different thicknesses, so you can "shim" the scope without doing anything to the base. They sell a 3-pack with three different thicknesses that saves a little money over the individual sets.

Burris Signature Zee rings can be used with you current Weaver base. They also offer a more permanent but sturdier Dual Dovetail base for the Encore. You'll need a 1 1/8" dowel to turn the rings into this base.

You should probably center your scope adjustments before you use the offsets.
14 low

Encorepete, What load are you using. I have 2 and they both shot different. You might add some more powder or use a lighter bullet and bring POI up. In my guns I use T/C mag bullets with sabots. I uses 150 grs powder and 250 gr bullet in one while the other uses 300 gr bullet and 100 grs powder. I use the pellets and the 45 cal bullet insabot.
kj, that scope works just fine on mine in the Leupold QR base and high rings.

Hey, a bargain basement scope you guys should take a look at is the Millett Buck Silver 3x9 Matte. Has 80" of adjustment, optics seem very nice, good solid feeling construction, and can be had for around $70 at Graf&Sons online. Just got one and haven't mounted it yet but I'm pretty impressed with the apparent quality. Millett lifetime warranty to boot.

Anyone else have one of these Milletts? Whutdya tink?
I do not think that it is not a NATIONWIDE PROBLEM as some would suggest. Mine and 2 of my friends sighted in with no problems. We each have a different brand of scope and mounts on them also. And we do live in this nation.
low shots

Here in Utah scopes can only be 1x on black powder. So I use open sights. I was reading the other post and my old one and thought of something. Shot the rifle without any scope, if it is hitting low in the same area as with a scope you need to do some load changes. I was getting 2" @100 yards if I could hold it still on the bench.
kjclark7, only a small one and that is cocking the hammer. And if you install a hammer extension it may contact the bottom of the scope without a little filing. High would serve you better, and no - not see thru.
Updated findings


Here are my updated findings. I varied the powder charges in my encore 209x50. It raised or lowered my point of impact about 1/2 inch at 25 yards. Even with maximum vertical adjustment and 150g pyrodex, the best I could do is 3 inches low at 25 yards. I also tried the 240g xtp to see if it would make a difference. In short, all the answers were "NO Difference" I purchased the weaver mounts and went through all of this over again with it, the same results followed. The conclusion I have reached is the none of the scopes, rings, or mounts, are to blame for this drop. It must be a barrel problem. I contacted T/C via email and received a letter indicating that I should send the barrel and scope back to them for analysis. I will do this immediately after the new year. By the way, this barrel shoots pretty well for me in a nice 5 shot group of about 1 inch at 25 yards with most of the rounds through the same holes. Definately better then my abilities at this point. I have another set of Leupold QR mounts and rings on my 30.06 T/C custom shop barrel and it was almost dead on bore sighted after installation. Will let you know the results.....I'm not going to shim, I don't think I should have to for this kind of money!!! :?
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I do not think you can blame this problem on the trajectory curve of BP bullets. They just don't drop THAT much at 100 yards with a solid load. I think maybe T/C has a bit of a problem with consistent barrel contour at the base area, among others. Hard to believe that mount makers could so consistently create a problem that seems to be encountered fairly often. Even a scope that has 50" of vertical adjustment will give you 25" up from the midpoint at 100 yards.

Seems to me T/C should eliminate ANY contour in the base area plus a bit forward and then maybe most mounts would fit correctly.
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