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Progressive press

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Since I'm now going through more bullets in a day than I usta' in a year, I'm starting to think about a progressive press. Can I load black powder using a progressive press? Do I have to do anything different? I won't ask who makes the best, might heat it up enough in here enough to melt the polar ice cap and we'd all have problems "keeping our powder dry"!

Butler Ford
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I've never owned a progressive press, but have read that you shouldn't use the powder hopper that comes with them for Black Powder. I have never heard of one blowing up, but the consenus is that the plastic hopper can cause a static spark that might cause an explosion with BP.

Lyman makes a BP hopper specifically for BP and it can be adapted to a number of different brands of progressives
I use a Dillon 550 And just dip the bp in the powder stage. I have a funnel and when the case it up I use a lee dipper and dip the bp into it.
Now blackdogcartdrige has a converson for this press that will let you put the bp into the powder measure.
Should work great.

I load enough for three pards loading the way I do. With the Lee Dippers. I really dont have a need to go any faster.

Hope this helps
Pete :)
For a long time i have been using a Lee Pro 1000 for loading 45 LC and I do reload BP with it the Disc measure works fine the Plastic does not build up a Static charge, I have never encountered a problem with it very consistent as well, loading 38 Gr. of 777 usually, I know it is not the Holy BP but it does smoke, and I hate the rotten egg smell of BP, But You could adapt a metallic Measure to it if you like.
Roy Cobb! And here I thought I stood alone in defiance of the old urban, suburban, country legend of static and BP! Bunch of horse "taters!

I load BP in my Lee Loadmaster using the Lee Pro-Auto Disc measure and no special modifications other than a double disc kit to give me the volumes I need and fine tuning I desire. Since I am not using commercial bullets anymore and since I lube bullets as I reload, I am not as fast as I once was, but I am at least as fast as I was once. I can even run two powder measures; one for powder and the other for psyllium fiber and make reduced loads for my derringer or wussie loads just as fast, crimping with the seating die at stage 5. I have never seen any static cling on the red plastic hoppers, nor on the black plastic disks. When using my Mec Sizemaster shotshell press, I do use the plastic bottles that Elepahnt powder was being shipped in as my powder bottles, but put it all through the the adjustable charge bar with no worry at all.

All of the confessed to, I do not believe I would reload holy black on any press with a tube type primer feeder. Its bad enough when a stack of primers goes off all at once, no need to add half a pound of powder to the mix!. So I would go with the RCBS or Lee type machines to be safe.

With any kind of powder, be cautious and avoid flame, sparks, and heat. Keep the humidity up enough to eliminate static and for your comfort. the sky ain't fallin!
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I knew a guy who used to tell me all about how he cheated on his taxes and saved sooooo much money, then he got audited, he's not bragging now :roll: ...

I don't chance loading BP in an auto disc or anything with a hopper, stuff happens and if it does I prefer not to have a few hundred grains of BP sitting there like a bomb. I run the brass through a Lee-1000, skip the powder and seating steps. I then charge the brass and seat the bullets on a singlestage press. A little slower and alot safer.

Slim You are not alone, I have stood against convention in many circles, eventually even the military saw things my way :grin: I am persistent

Knowing what I do know about explosives and unconventional weapons
even the container of flour on the shelf in the kitchen is potentially a bomb.

Other Recommendations are to Ground the bench and tools to drain any charge they may carry.

Also if it is the Container of powder that bothers folks just take off the Measure and load with the powder through die with a scoop and a drop tube if you like. It works fine, I just decided to speed things up a touch.

If it burns and you confine it it is a bomb
The man wearing this shirt is an EOD expert if you see him running try to keep up[/b]
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