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Public Lands

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Hey Guys:

I am looking for some info on public hunting areas. I know some states have Wildlife management areas, and some city lakes have hunting permits, but do you guys have any info on the following.

1. Can anyone hunt CRP lands..........and where do you get maps.
2. Any timber companies
3. What about other company lands ?

any other place I have not thought of would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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Try running a search for conservation department on google for what ever state you are interested in. Like Missouri department of conservation, you can probably find what you want.
CRP lands are not public at all
Timber companies sometimes allow access, it depends on the company
Other companies are the same way.
Just in my county alone I have over 14,000 acres of PBG (or so the map says :eek: ). These are state game lands that are open to hunting with very little extra restriction.

The one tree company we have that does mostly x-mas trees opens up their land to one has abused it yet thank God.

Not sure about other companies doing the same :?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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