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Puma/Rossi Model 92


I have a Rossi 92 in 44 mag with a 20inch round barrel. With the right loads it shoots great, with the wrong loads it will group 6 feet at 100 yards.

I use mine for Cowboy Silhouette. My load is 8 gr of Unique with a CCI large pistol standard primer and a 240gr Lee SWC with a gas check. I use fairly soft indoor range lead. It is mostly 22 LR lead. They go over my Chrony at just over 1000fps. Recoil after shooting about 20 practice rounds and a 40 round match leaves a black and blue spot on my shoulder but it doesn't get sore enough to cause a flinch.

I have tried cast bullets without gas checks and that is where I get the 6 foot group from. It shoots jacketed and cast with gas checks very good but every type of cast bullet without a gas check was a total failure.

I have shot some heavy 300 and 310 grain types at a max volocity of about 1650fps and they punish you. They would be ok for hunting because I usually only have to shoot once but if I had to empty a magazine at something I would probably feel it after I was done. It kicks like **** and that is not an understatment. I shoot a 338Win regularly and it is a ***** cat compred to the 44 Mag with any max load and a 300 gr bullet.

By the way, for a sight I had it drilled for a reciever sight and installed a Redfield that I had laying around. I use receiver sights on all of my lever action rifles and they are good out to 150 yards, which is as far as I want to shoot most lever actions anyway. A Lyman or a Williams would work just as good as the Redfield.

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