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Question about mounts for Colt Python

Go to the B Square web site (www. They make a no gunsmith mount, that clamps thru the notches in the vent rib. I have one of their mounts on my Anaconda, but since the Anaconda came from the factory already drilled and tapped I went with the drilled and tapped
version. My biggest fear would be, that if the mount loosens, under recoil it will move back and forth and possibly scratch the finish. If it were my Python, I would send it back to Colt to be drilled and tapped.

I also bought the rings from B Square, but after hunting season I plan on replacing them with "signature" rings from Burris. I have read a fair amount on this site regarding lapping scope rings. Prior to reading these posts, I never realized how mounting a scope in unlapped rings actually puts a slight bend in the scope. I would recommend going to the Burris web site, and checking out these rings.
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