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Question on a Weatherby rifle.

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I have a Weatherby MkV rifle that I purchased nearly 10 years ago. I don't have the box any more and I don't know what model it would be called. It came with a synthetic stock, which was wanting for rigidity in a big way, and a 26" barrel. The stock has no typical Weatherby cheek piece, it would be considered a "classic' stock by me, no cheek piece of any kind. The rifle is chambered in .340 and has a matte finish. The serial #H265xxx. I know it was made in Japan, but I don't know the name of the model it would go by.

I see lots of Weatherby rifles for sale, but the ones with the stock like this one came with don't have the 26" barrel. Two of my friends bought the same rifle in .270 Wthby at the same time and also have the 26" tube. These 3 rifles where purchased as a closeout when Weatherby brought the manufacturing of the rifles home to the US.

Any Weatherby guru's that can help me out on this one?

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Guru I'm not but you can call Weatherby at 1-805-466-1767.

They will help you out I'm betting.

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