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I just picked up a NEF in 12 ga. there was a accessory barrel order form in the box that is diff than the NEF website. In it you can order barrels (in this case shotgun) for the same price as on the website but there is no fitting charge just a $10.00 per barrel shipping & handling charge. My question is: Will NEF honor this price ( just a $10.00 s&h charge per barrel) with is order form and waive the $15.00 per barrel fitting charge ?
I really would like to have a 20, 28, .410 and slug barrels fitted and this would save a few dollars.


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I seriously doubt it, you just got an old form. The only way to spare the fitting charge is to get hold of a discount barrel offer which has been mailed to previous firearms buyers. You might talk them into sending you or call em.


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