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Raging Bull and Dessert Eagle

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hay Newbie: get the Raging Bull. Every single shooter who has purchased one and spoken to it on these forums seems to just love those things. They are big, healthy and well put together firearms that should alst you for years and years and many, many thousands of rounds.

Shooters absolutely crow about their accuracy and their ability to handle heavy bullets.

Your Dessert Eagle is a very large semi auto that is subject to certain restrictions - most notalby its inability to fire cast bullets without gumming up your recoil system. With the DE, you are limited to factory jacketted loads. with the Raging Bull you can shoot anything you can load into the 44 magnum case.

I would go for the raging Bull. But, this is just my 2 cents worth, and at least I'm good for that. Mikey.
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never shot a ...

desert eagle, but i have raging bulls. i have shot almost every kind of auto pistol you can think of, and if you plan to hunt, RAGING BULL hands down! my 1911 kimber has about as smooth a trigger as any auto, but a well tuned revolver shoots better for me every time. and the raging bull is well tuned from the factory. mine is a 454, but i wish i had not let big-stick-itis get me and wish i had gone with the bull in 44 mag (although i do like the 454, too).
Raging Bull 44 magnum V.S. Desert Eagle 44

:D DONT GET THE DESERT EAGLE !!!!!!!! Everyone of them that I have had/ownded/shot,could only get minute of cantalope at 25 yards,and with a scope ,ya might if the stars be in alinghment, get minute of tomatoe if ya be lucky. Purchase the bull,you will be happier in the longrun. King
Raging Bull 44 magnum V.S. Desert Eagle 44

I really doubt the Bull would recoil any more than the eagle. Differently, probably, but the grip and porting make it behave well in 454, and probably like a pussycat in 44.

If I were getting the eagle, it would be with the optional long barrels as well as the standard, and it would be the one that converts to 50 AE. Just because it is unique.
Desert Eagle 44 Vrs Raging Bull 44

I have both, I like both but for different reasons. The Raging Bull revolver is very accurate and has a light recoil with the ported barrel. The DE recoil is not bad either due to it's weight. If you going to hunt and shoot out to about 75 yds, I recommend the Raging Bull revolver. If your going to hunt hogs or other game inside of 50 yrds, I recommend the DE 44. There is no other 44 to compare to the firepower of the DE. I can get an 8 round clip off on target in about 5 seconds. The revolver is good for one shot hunting. The DE is good for shooting the whole herd before they get away. If your going to handgun hunt with shots out past 75 yds, only a Ruger can be loaded hot enough for that. You decide.

****** Hunter
Raging Bull 44 magnum V.S. Desert Eagle 44

Gringohunter please explain: "If your going to handgun hunt with shots out past 75 yds, only a Ruger can be loaded hot enough for that."
Raging Bull 44 magnum V.S. Desert Eagle 44 magnum????

I'll try to explain my statement. Some handguns are built more ruggedly than others. Ruger Super BlackHawks & Super Redhawks are built like tanks. You can load much hotter without fear of damaging the gun. Some load data in fact is listed as for Ruger only. S&W and Colts are rugged to, but have heard of problems extracting cases from hot loads that work fine in Rugers. My Taurus Raging Bull for example is rated for a 240 gr at 1350 fps. Exceeding this would not be advisable and anything but factory ammo will void the Taurus warranty. My Ruger Super BlackHawk Hunter has an unfluted cylinder and a heavy reinforced barrel, I am not afraid to shoot loads from it 100 to 150 fps faster than my Raging Bull. As for my Desert Eagle, it is probably just as tough as the Ruger but It takes longer to recover from recoil on heavy loads if your trying to unload a whole clip on target quickly. I tend to use load levels that work the action smoothly.

My statement about shooting past 75 yds is based on bullet energy required for a clean kill. Rule of thumb for deer sized game is 1000 lbs of energy. A 240 gr load at 1300 fps = 900 lbs of energy leaving the barrel, at 75 yds the energy is 650 lbs at about 1100 fps. Good shot placement will still kill the animal, but leaves less room for error. The same 240 gr load at 1400 fps has energy of 1045 lbs at muzzle and 770 lbs energy at 1220fps at 75 yds. So you need a pretty hot load out to say 100 yds or further, not to mention a little luck to hit the target and maybe a follow up shot. 44 mag energy drops off sharply past 100 yds.

Hope this makes sense but after all, it's just an opinion.
I'm sure not everyone will agree.

****** Hunter
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Raging Bull 44 magnum V.S. Desert Eagle 44

this being said you could always slap on a 50 ae barrel and get the same retained energy at 100 yds than the 44 magnum has at the muzzle:):)
Raging Bull v. Desert Eagle

I am surprised that any comparison can be made betwen the RB44 and the DE44 when they are entirely two different types of firearms...revolver v. Semi-auto.

I read someone's reply that they were going to use a DE44 to hunt bear....better have the RB44 as your backup. If you don't master the DE grip required to control the recoil you will never hit th bear unles it is within 25 feet of you...which by that distance you might as well kiss your ass goodbye if you miss.

If you want to wlak out of the woods alive and with a kill then go with the can't miss if you are a good shot to begin with. :eek:
Raging Bull 44 magnum V.S. Desert Eagle 44

The last 5 shot group I shot with my DE44 at 100 yards with a 2x Burris measured 1.9". Either gun will get the job done.
Raging Bull 44 magnum V.S. Desert Eagle 44

the de 44 magnum has very little recoil because of the weight of the gun,I shoot mine all the time one handed for 100 rounds and still hit decent groups at 25 yds.
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