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6000 miles in two weeks, Virginia to Montana and back. I sure am glad I bought the Ford P/U with the soft fancy seats.

Picked up 10 year old Granddaughter in Illinois on the way out. Daughter warned me, that granddaughter had turned into a Girly girl and wouldn't be interested in shooting cannons or gophers. Check out pink collar under camo T-Shirt and earrings.

Does this look like a Girly Girl who doesn't want to shoot cannons or gophers?

Picked up my 6PDR mould, cast some Zinc balls and fired them out into the desert.

Will need to build some handles and a pour from the bottom pot for this operation. That big mould gets to hot to handle with just gloves. It may need quide pins also. It looks like it will cast a nice ball as soon as I get the learning curve done.

I sat the barrel on the ground and propped it up with some sandbags at about a 45 degree angle. The lower edge of the tube was buried about an inch into the ground. After firing 6 rounds the lower edge of the 6 1/2 inch tube was buried about 6 inches int he ground.

We attached a streamer with a cup hook to the 3/4 ball and shoot it that way...boring

500 grs of Cannon Grade Blackpowder sends these 6 PDR zinc balls 108 and 112 yards. 500 grs of Fg send them 218 and 224 yards. Fg is definitely more energetic. I would be reluctant to use finer.

I had the vent drilled too small so I will open that up a little.

Now to profile the tube. I have enough metal to a do a Federal pattern, but a Confederate would be simpler. We'll see.

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Most normal folks would post pictures of the prize winning trout being cooked in the frying pan - what's that ? A lump of ZINC ?

Good looking grand daughter and cannon balls!

Welcome back too.
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