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Re: Hey BigBill!

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Re: Hey BigBill!

S.Sumner said:
I read your post below about your 91/30's
and I had to go and lay hands on my old
model 91. I decided to take it Deer hunting
with me yesterday. I didn't see any deer, but I
saw a red fox and called him in so close that I
could see one eye on both sides of my front sight!
Just about the time I decided to vaporize the
little Quail Killer, another one arrived on the scene.
So here I am in my blind eyeballing one fox over
the sights of my propped up Nagant and trying to
get my .45 Ruger Vaquero sights on the other (Left handed).
Two hands, Two guns - oh yea!
Can I squeeze both triggers at once?
I didn't get a chance to find out, My Nagant slipped down
a couple of inches on the branch it was propped on.

It is shocking how fast a Fox can travel when he
realizes that he has REALLY SCREWED UP!
I hope you got one of them? I can only hunt in Connecticut with a 22lr or shotgun for coyotes in Vermont at my camp I can use anything. I dying to go just to get out of the house. I just may take the 22 out this week you gave me the bug more. BigBill

Happy New Year to all!!!!
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