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Re: High-Quality Compact Scope?

Peter F. said:
:?: What do y'all recommend for a high-quality compact scope (variable or otherwise), specifically to go on a Browning ATD? Where the Browning is so long & thin ("petite"?), a full-sized, or even 1-inch scope seems sort of overpowering, esthetically. I know there are inexpensive "rimfire" scopes (Tasco, etc.), but I was looking for something a little bigger and better. I seem to remember folks saying there was a nice compact Redfield they liked for this (maybe it was Weaver) ... but no longer made. Used or old is OK; I'm willing to wait & search the ads, but I need some idea what best to look for. Thanks for any advice.
I don't know of any quality scope in the small tube size that is still being made...and the ones available used are like looking thru fogged glass compared to a new modern design scope......the Leupold 4x compact rimfire special is parallax set for close range and is short and more petite than any other I've used.....the 2x7 RIMFIRE special is longer but still the objective and ocular bells aren't too large.....I've had both and they are clear and solid performers.....the 3-9EFR is getting to a more normal size but is still small and compact compared to other brands of similar power scopes and it focuses down to 10meters.........the Leupold catalog has the measurements for each scope and I made a cardboard mock up and colored it black and used them for visual comparason on the gun for scopes I couldn't actually handle..........the older small tube scopes are hard to find still fuctioning in my area and are good for "looks" only...but the market might be different in areas with more indoor airgun competition and use.....? good luck and good shooting!!!!
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