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Re: Ithaca mod. 51

dr1hntr said:
Hi Everyone,
I have an Ithaca Model 51 Waterfowler Special.It is a 3in. mag.with a 30in.full choke.and a factory sling.This gun did not come with any type of screw in chokes.This gun has been test fired only in the 17 or 18 years that I have owned it.Not a scratch on it. Since I don't need it I want to sell it but I have no idea of the value.Can anybody out there help me.
Be glad to: Here'e what I find...You didn't state what gauge, or if ventelated rib??
Ithaca Model 51 Standard Magnum Automaic Shotgun, 3 inch chamber,12 gauge only handles Magnum shells only;w/ 30 inch, F or M choke, stock w/recoil pad. Made 1972-date. W/plain bbl. $235 (discontinued 1976). W/ ventilated rib. $275.
** These prices are at best only starters. I would check the auctions on line for current going prices. Gun Traders Guide 23ed edition
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