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Re: New barrel

bumble said:
The rifle I'm shooting right now doesn't like round ball. I need to shoot rb's for some of the hunts offered. Who's making what? I want to have the local gunsmith make up a drop in .54 for me. Any ideas on cost? TIA
I'm guessing, bumble, that your problem with round ball is in the twist rate of your barrel. Considering that you probably have a 50 cal., you didn't say what your gun is but you want a very slow twist rate like 1:66 to accurately shoot patch and ball for 50 cal. You might find it cheaper to look for a traditional side-hammer model like a Hawkins or Kentucky long rifle with those twist rates. People don't realize that twist rate can make all the difference in what you stuff down the barrel.

For instance, the new in-lines generally have a 1:28 twist to shoot saboted bullets. They don't handle conicals or rb's very well. There are also comprimised twists that run 1:32; 1:48; so that you can use almost any kind of projectile (well, that's what they tell you in the literature). Good Luck with that new barrel and make darn sure you get the correct twist rate next time.

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