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Read any good Deer Hunting books lately?

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Ok, ok, I'm technically in the wrong forum. However, looks like the book review forum was not too active. I'm itching to get a good deer hunting read or two at the bookstore. One of my favorites deer books has recently been revised. It's called Trophy Deer Hunting by John Wooters. I first read this one way back when I was a freshman in H.S. Very good book -- I highly recommend it. Recently I noticed a new one called Treestand Hunging Strategies by Gary Clancy. Has anyone read this one? Like it or no? Also, I notice Greg Miller has several deer hunting books on the shevles. I've never read any of his stuff, can anyone recommend any of his books. Thanks in advance.
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I second that recomendation for Shots at Whitetails by Larry Koller.
Some of its dated, but all of his experiences still hold true. No nonsense kind of guy, at no point will you doubt the truth of what he says. Unlike a lot of more recent trash where the authors seem to make up half their stories to make some kind of point or worse, to soft sell some sort of gadget, scent, etc.
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