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reading patches

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I just read the post "reading patches" and have seen several others like that . I was wondering if there was a general idea on what a sabot or power belt cup should look like after a shot.
I was shooting my .54 knight 1:28 this week after doing a lot of barrel work to it ( lapped it with a poured lead plug ) because of rust pitting.I was using PB 348HP all lead over 60,65,and 70gr. T7 ffg . The gun shot decent 50yd groups all loads seemed about the same.After shooting I picked up about 10 of the cups out of 30 shots.Some of them were scalloped on the trailing edge some were smooth all showed rifleing marks on the sides none seemed melted or burned.I dont know wich ones were from wich load.
Can you tell anything about your load by inspecting these thing?
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