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Okay guys, it was cold and windy yesterday, so I was a weenie and didn't go to the rifle range... spent the day casting some new 340 and 500 grain bullets for my .45-70. (Yes, I know 500 is a bit much for the Marlin lever gun, but I've messed with them at minimum loads and they do just fine, obviously seated deep) Anyway, I have tried paper patching a few 340 grainers, (not going to try the 500's because they have a gas check) and have a couple of questions. The patches are on just fine and look good to me. One kind op paper that I tried by the way is roll printer paper, like the receipt paper you get at the gas station out of the printer. Mine is the same thing, but for my Shooting Chrony printer. After it dried, it seems to be tough enough. The other paper I used is 25% cotton parchment. On both, I discovered that after they are dry, if I take my finger and roll them back and forth one at a time on my loading bench, they come pretty close to being the right dia. Without "squeezing" them with my dial calipers, they are about .461... if I put just a bit of pressure on, they go to .458 pretty easily. I feel that once loaded into the cartridge, they should be okay... Question is: Should these be lubed before seating into the cartridge, or should they be seated dry? I use Lee Alox lube. Second question is: I've been kind of curious if swabing the barrel with T/C Bore Butter, much the same as you do a muzzleloader between shots, would have any positive effect of the accuracy of either non-patched, or paper patched bullets. Thanks for a'puttin' up with my questions. Dave
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After you patch the bullet you need to lube it. Lee Liquid Alox has a side benefit for patches, it affords a degree of water repellency that other lubes might not. I lube with Lyman Moly sitck, but on my hunting loads, I rub some Alox on the exposed patch for some protection against the elements. As far as the bore butter goes, I don't think it would have any affect on accuracy, but unless shooting black powder I also don't see any benefit. If you want to patch the 500 grainers, you won't need a gas check. Patch them and shoot them, the patch protects the base of the bullet. I use 16 lb college ruled paper for my patches and it works mighty fine. When I've shot up my last batch of patched bullets and get around to casting some more, I'll use the 9 lb onion skin Kragman sent me and try it out.

:-D I noticed DIXIE Hhas a lot of the onionskin paper. I ordered a couple of boxesof it,and a kit. Im going to try paperpatching on a couple of my LYMAN CAST BULLETS. Cant wait to see what happens. King 8)
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