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Between the holidays, work, and the weather...I haven't made it outside to try "long range!!"

I've been shooting in my basement (what!!)..

Yeah, I've got a 14 yard range, shooting into extruded rubber (about 14" thick) in front of an Outer's .22 bullet trap. The 110 grain Maix's are loaded with 5 grains of 777 FFFg.....I figure my wife let's me shoot because the smoke ain't as bad as with Goex!!!

Anyways, I've been getting bullets-touching-each-other groups.

Not conclusive by any stretch of the imagination. Once I get outside and shoot 35 - 40 grains of some Real BP (Goex) and the 110 grain Maxi's...I'll let you know.

I do like that formula that's been presented to calculate "correct" twist rates...(being a retired electrical engineer)....ohhh formulas are so fascinating!!!
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