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This blew my mind.
My grandson and I were plinking at soda bottles. He had his Taurus Mod 62 and his mothers Win. 67 while I had my Win. Winder. He's doing ok hitting most of the time but wanted to try my rifle. After a few shots, he declared, " I don't need this", refering to the Lyman No.2 tangsight, and folded it down! :eek:
I promptly advised him that he would never hit anything without using a rear sight. :roll: So, what does he do? He starts hitting even better than before! :shock:
I asked him how he was doing that, and he responded, matter-of-factly, that he was just putting the front sight on the target. :roll:
I said that he'd be one heck of a shotgunner! :)
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