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Any one know of a smith that will bore out a H&R handi rifle bbl?
Have an extra one in 45-70 and want a 33 Winchester
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You have a 45-70 and you want it rebored to .33 Winchester?

I doesn't work that way. By reboring you take a smaller caliber and make it larger.

If you want to make a 45-70 into a .33 Winchester, you could reline. Are you going to make a true .33 Winchester or a 33 Winchester on a .338 bbl. The .33 winchester is not the same size as the .338. I don't have acess to my library right now, but I am unaware of anyone making .33 bbls that could be made into a liner. Probably cost you as much the rifle is worth to get done.
Yes Leadbutt, you're right in order to to install a liner the barrel is bored or drilled out, removing the old rifling so the liner can be slipped in. It's one step in barrel lining. Its a fairly straight forward process.

Reboring is when you drill out a barrel of one calliber and rerifle it to a larger caliber. Say reboring a 30 calliber barrel to 35 caliber.

That's where you confused us.

As far as the job you want, it should a fairly simple job that any good gunsmith can do. All that is required is to make liner from any .338 barrel blank and bore out the old rifling and glue the liner in place, then chamber.

My only concern would be is the old barrel thick enough to be drilled out. Beyond that it should work

Actually sound like a pretty neat project, and I for one would like to hear how it comes out.

Go for it!
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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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