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receivers and barrels

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Does anyone out there mix blued receivers and stainless barrels? Have found some good deals on stainless but have a blued receiver. Any input helpful. Thanks
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Hey Ice,
I have 10 barrels and 2 are ss. My frames are blue. No problem at all pairing a blue frame to a SS barrel and
vice versa. My next frame will be SS or weathersheild.
I've got two blued and one stainless barrel for my Contender - got a good deal on the ss 30-30 I'm hunting with this fall.
I think it looks better mixed and matched.
Comes down to personal choice... mine was mostly not to mix. Had blue frames for blue barrels, AA frames for AA barrels and SS frames for SS barrels. Only exception I can remember was a Contender SS frame I had a blue 21" vent rib 410 shotgun barrel for, the SS to offset the blue barrel and black stock set it wore.
Austin said:
I think it looks better mixed and matched.
So do I. A blue reciever, with walnut stocks, and a stainless barrel. ;D
Put me in the camp that likes the pinto look. :) Of course it depends on the stock as well.

Not meaning to highjack your post, but does anyone have a Contender case hardened frame? I want to build a contender rifle with a CC frame and octagon barrel and a scheutzen style stock and fore arm. Caliber will be .32-40 or .25-35.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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