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Have you Cowboy Shooters ever recognized Bill and Dorothy Hahn for their contribution the your sport. I know they are not as active now as they were in the start due to Dorothy's ilness. I wonder where your sport would be with out them?

I often thought that they should have been nominees for the Outstanding American Handgunner award.

They are true unsung heroes of the shooting sports.

Douglas Dickens
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Should I be embarassed that I've never heard the names before? Would you care to share a little more information about who they are and what they did?

Butler Ford
Bill and Dorothy are some of the orginators of and a driving force behind the the start of Cowboy shooting, pre SASS primarily End of the Trail. (not the only ones) Much of the scenery used in cowboy shooting is adaptions or copies of Bills work.

The matches shot at that first End of the Trail shoot were adapted from Combat Pistols Matches Bill and Dorothy use to put on down in Oceanside.

Bill and Dorothy are not as active today as Bill devotes most of his time caring for Dorothy who is down with Alzheimers.

I tell people that Bill taught me to shot. Bill corrects me when he hears that and says he tried to teach me to shot. The skills he taught me, I have carried with confidence through a 30 year law enforcement career as I know a lot of others have also.

The Hahn's deserve some form of recognition for a life time of achievement to the shooting sports.
Well, for what little it may be worth, they have my deepest gratitude, and a prayer for help with the burden's they are carrying.
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