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Recoil in pounds....?

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Just looking at an old Guns&Ammo and they show a 454 gives 27lbs. of recoil and a 300Mag gives 27.2lbs. of recoil.Does the 454 kick as much as they say? :roll:
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I don't know what the measurements really mean in regards to what it feels like, but yes, a 454 does generate a sizeable level of recoil. :grin:

That said, the most paiful revolver I've ever fired was a S&W titanium 357 magnum, it was a truly unpleasant experience. :(

I have an Encore 12" barrel a 10" contender in 445 and a 14"444 Marlin in the contender.
They rate this way
444 Most brutal
Second 445 super in 10" tube, but not by much
Third is the 454
Now I guess the 454 Encore is heavier BUT and a BIG "BUT"

The marlin uses a lot more Powder than the 454

I have not found the 454 to be that bad
The 444 with 300 grain or 325 gr bullets is Just more Brutal.
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PJ, take a look @ There is a recoil calculator program there which you can use to calculate recoil for a given load. Its been a while since I used it, but it requires some basic data and you can see what the difference is between different loads. Let us know what you think of the site.

Hope that it helps you. Rol
it's pretty easy to calculate recoil. It takes two steps but this is how you do it.

Take the (ejecta) weight of your powder plus the weight of your bullet (if you have a break then don't use the powder) times the speed of your chronographed bullet and divide by 7000. That gives you pound foot seconds of momentum (if you divide by 16.17 it gives you slugs)
The momentum of the bullet is the same as the momentum for your gun. (it is a good way to compare recoil too)

Divide the pound foot-seconds by the weight of your gun in pounds. That gives you the velocity of your weapon. (this is important because the faster it is the more you feel it)
To calculate the recoil energy just multiply the weight of your gun times the velocity times the velocity (W x V x V) and divide by 64.68 (2 x G). That will give you recoil in foot pounds of energy.

The 64.68 value is a conversion from pounds of weight to actual mass.

I hope this doesn't confuse you.

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Or just fill in the blanks on your balistic calculator if you have one (great job explaining BTW PaulS).

My first 375JDJ (no brake) shooting full house 300 grain bullets could generate 44-45 ft/lbs on the Contender pistola. Current 375JDJ has the Arrestor Brake, which takes the torque out and some of the felt recoil. I have shot 100 in a sitting with no ill effects.

The 454 Casull Encore I had (12") had nasty torque with full house 260's (using H-110). If memory serves we had it calculated at 36-37 ft/lbs on this heavier pistola (no brake). Best I did was about 60-70 rounds in a sitting - a buddy who shot a 338JDJ#2 all the time made 3 shots before it split his knuckles and he called it a foul.
Or go to Chuck Hawks web site and look it up. ('specially ifn ya don't have the info for the calculator) Now the numbers on Chuck's are what he got with the gun he was shooting, so you have to take that into account. That ti-357 was unpleasent because of the almost non-existant weight of the firearm, so like PaulS said the momentum of the weapon will be large, so your arm has to absorb it.
Helicopter Bill
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