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Red Dot on my .445SM????

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I want to put a Red dot on my .445SM. Will it hold up under the recoil? What size dot do you reccomend ?? How much do these things cost ?? Will the Red dot sights fit onto my T'SOB rings?? Any other things you have to offer will be of help I am sure.
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I dont think so

I don't think so, my 10" is braked and I still have trouble keeping a reg. scope on it. :eek:
:D OLDMAN, I put a brand new Millet 1" red dot on a 6" 30-30 contender.
Barely enough room for standard Burris rings. Lasted exactly 2 rounds.
Worked great till then. I would stick to a Burris or Leoupold EER. scope.
Just $.02 norm
Optima Red Dot

Put one on a 357SM and it made my freezer full. The Tasco's are around, and Brownell has the English version. Main thing is, they don't weigh anything, so not much recoil errect.
red dot on .445

Oldman, I use one on my .45 LC 14" with very hot 300 grain loads and my Tasco has held up well. No telling how many rounds sent down range with it. If you are interested E.A.Brown just send me an e-ad with Bushnell that are on sale. They listed both 30 mm and 1" tubes.
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