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Aspide said:
I am novice muzzleloader shooter :oops: Can i install a red dot on my percussion Country Hunter Pedersoli rifle?If yes how ? :biggun:
I'm not familiar wit your muzzle loader, but if it is a side hammer percussion, I would strongly recommend that you look for a peep sight instead. The reason?.......The percussion cap gets everything dirty around the hammer and it must be cleaned off, plus you have to clean the barrel (w/hooked breech???), and that is best done by removing the barrel and placing it in a pail or tub of very hot, soapy, water.......................So what do you do with the red-dot scope? Do you remove it every time you clean the gun? Think about this some. Let us know here at the site if we can help get you started and shootin' the holy black!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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