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GB: Since I brought up Red Green, and you don't know of him, I guess I have to sum it up for ya. You might find some of his shows on public stations. Many comics in the USA are Canadian, but Americans aren't generally aware that they are.

Rich Little, Leslie Nielson, John Candy, Micheal J. Fox, Pamela Anderson, and Jim Carey are just a few.

Red Green is the King of Duct Tape - the following are some of his sayings:
- "If it ain't broke, you ain't tryin'"
- "Duct tape - the handyman's secret weapon"
- "Keep your stick on the ice"
- "Remember, we're all in this in this together".

They end each show with "The Mans Prayer"

I'm a Man. (pause)
But I can change. (pause)
If I have to, (pause)
I guess."

The "I guess" is said like "Amen"

Red has a movie out - "Duct Tape Forever" that you may be able to find. Red's comedy does not generally offend, unlike some of the harser Canadian stuff.

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I didn't realise Pamela Anderson was considered a comedian.:)
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