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I will acknowledge--as a disclaimer only--that the concept of religious freedom has been warped of recent---that said---What is your concept of the original thought?

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IN the US it is simply that the State shall establish NO STATE religion.

There is not one DAMN thing about separation of church and state in the Constitution.


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Religious Freedom was fought for and won in the U.S. in the distant past.

Since that time a generic type of "Political Alcaida"
has developed a coordinated successful warfare on our spiritual liberties.

We, as Christians are being increasingly Stationed (Quarantined),
via social/political/spiritual reformation....
similar to what was experienced in the old USSR during the Pre-Reagan decades.

Unfortunately, Freedom is not Free from Attack.
Successful Preservation is a proactive and ongoing thing.
That's why Varmint hunting is a welcomed thing in America and around the world...
and, in part, why there is such a thing as GBO.

There are those who have Knowingly/UnKnowingly sold out their own lives
and now wish to diminish all things that are fundamental to sustaining a Life of Freedom.

Hunters call such things by the names of: Prairie Dogs, Ground Hogs, Moles etc.
As in "Prairie Dog Towns."

Our government calls them "Cells".
And then accurately explains to us that they will probably never be fully eradicated!....
Yet, the effort will be necessary to maintain a degree of Freedom that other wise will be lost.

There are also Too Many Pollyanna's around that....
think the "Antagonistic Viral Spiritual Cells" will disappear if left alone.

Have we ever heard of the phrase "Separation of church and state?"
Can we pronounce the acrostic "A C L U ?"
Does anyone remember Kruchev? Can someone tell me his shoe size?
How 'bout these symbols..... C U B A ...... C H I N A ..... B E R L I N W A L L Recognize any of them?

The "Original Thought" of "Religious Freedom" could not only answer the above questions...
It could explain why men of insight should move against their philosophically destructive exports.

That's my thought of the "Concept."
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