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Keep in mind that the closer the bullet is to the lands the more the pressure increases. If this is a factory 7tcu, then with the 120 grain nozler, your about 1/2 inch off the lands. This also means that the accuracy will be pretty bad (as mine was). I used the H322 in 4 different 5 shot groups starting at 25.5 and going up to 27 grains. The cases nor primers showed any signs of over pressurization. I couldn't get a group smaller than 4 1/2 inches at 100 yards. I'd feel secure in doing it again if I was going to shoot 120's again.
I just purchased a box of Sierra Matchking BTHP's in 168 grain. They should be long enough to reach the lands and I'll back off the charge quite a bit and start at the lowest recommended and go up until l get good accuracy or reach a max grain load, whichever comes first. If I can get a way with a minimum charge and still get sub MOA, I'll be delighted!
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