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I am just getting into Cowboy Action Shooting and am trying to get a handle on the cost difference between reloading and just buying ammo from the a local store or the internet. I am shooting .38 Special in both my rifle and my handguns. I can buy my ammo for a little over .15 cents per round. I think I would enjoy reloading, but I have absolutely no equipment and no experience. For those who are experienced reloaders, what do you think your cost per round is after your equipment is paid for.

I specifically chose .38 caliber because the commercial ammo is cheaper than most others. From my research it seems that a Dillon 550B can be had for about $350 plus the cost of dies. There are cheaper presses available but when I compare what you get for your money the 550B seems like a good choice. I have read that some folks suggest that a newbie start with a single stage press, but the prices I have seen for decent single stages are not that much cheaper than the 550B. And, I really don't have a lot of time to spend reloading.

What do you think?

Thanks, JR
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