Items For Trade:

I recently found some items I no longer need while going through a box of reloading supplies. I'd like to trade for some other things I can use which could be any of these: lee hand press,.308 bullets 100gr-140gr Spitzer or RN, .310 dia and .315 dia lead round balls, 30-30 brass, 410 brass, 327 fed mag brass ( 32h&r, 32 s&w long, 32s&w brass also) 30-30 dies, 32 h&r dies, win 94AE receiver peep sight, winchester threaded hammer spur for mod 94.

Dies I have are:
Lee 7mm-08 collet die set
Lee 25/06 three piece die set
Rcbs 300 Rem Ultra Mag dies
Rcbs 30/06 spr have a little rust on them

The bullets I have are:

Hornady .204 32gr v- max 100ct

Hornady .257 75gr V-max 24ct

I also have some 45 caliber black powder sabots and bullets and 50 cal sabots and bullets along with some 50 cal mini type bullets, a box of triple 7 45 cal bp pellets new, 28ga 3/4oz wads

Will Trade For:

Various other reloading supplies