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I have an old rcbs single stage press, a uniflow powder measure, a rcbs digital scale and that is about it. I reloaded some 30 herret shells over 15 years ago and have not reloaded any rifle or handgun ammo since. I bought the digital scale last year to use in loading shotgun shells.

I recently bought a 243WSSM and I love the gun but the $25/box for ammo is killing me. I am looking into relaoding for this gun. I assume I would need dies, shellholder, powder, primers, bullets and a new loading manual. Am I missing anything? I haven't loaded since the early 90's so I have forgot most of it.

Also what about costs. Assuming the equipment is paid for what does it cost to reload a box of 20 rounds these days?

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Using Sierra 85 grain HPBT bullets, Winchester brass, WLR primers and 48.7 grains of H-4350, reloading costs (at what I pay for components) would be:

Cost Per Pound			$13.68 
Grains Per Load			48.7
Cost Per Load			 $ 0.10 

Cost Per 1000			 $13.80 
Cost Per Load			 $ 0.01 

Cost Per 100			  $12.99 
Cost Per Load			 $ 0.13 

COST PER 100			  $28.42 
Cost Per Load			 $ 0.28 


TOTAL COST PER 20		$10.46 

TOTAL COST PER 50		$26.15 

TOTAL COST PER 100	  $52.31 

TOTAL COST PER 1000	$523.07
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