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CK: The arguement has been put forth, and I believe by Massad Ayoob, that the use of reloaded ammunition may be seen (notice I said 'may') by some DAs as a cause to charge that you were out looking to use the gun. This would or could be interpreted as pre-meditated, in which case you have a tougher uphill battle.

There has also been some discussion and thought given to the idea that since you can't really reload anything better that what the factories currently produce for Police and Law Enforcement, even handloads cannot be viewed as being more destructive or inhumane.

My only concern for reloads is their reliability. Factory quality control is very good to excellent these days. Your chances of finding your pistol or revolver loaded with a cartridge that will not detonate is extremely slim - but it does happen. If you could guarantee better results or reliability with handloads then you could use them.

I cannot recall if I have seen a handgun load come along in the past 10 years, for carry purposes, that really outclasses anything we used to be able to handload. Hollowpoints and softnoses don't do any better than semi-wadcutters, or straight wadcutters for that matter. 10 mms or 40s don't do any better than 45s with ball, and the pocket rockets usually work best or function more reliably with ball than not.

So you really need to ask yourself if it is worth it to chance the concern of reliability more than legality. Hope this helps. Mikey.
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self defense

ck: I wrote back yesterday about this topic and thought I wa absolutely right in advising you the way I did. But, I also checked with my attorney last night and we had a pretty good discussion about it.

He felt that if you carry reloads that are designed to expand and cause a non-healing wound, like the Police/FBI loads do or did, that is when the defense attorney would paint the picture of your being a gunslinger out looking for trouble and the first opportunity to test out your death-dealing reloads. But he also felt that if you were carrying reloads that were/are not designed to expand/blow up, peel back or cause some sort of a non-healing wound, and if these reloads were at the same power levels as factory ammunition then you would not be seen as someone with an agenda to knock off every criminal you could find.

It is interesting that a bunch of years ago my late wife had to use her 38 snubbie in a defensive situation. Upon investigation, the Police Officer remarked that she was glad my wife had been shooting the older Police loads (158 grain SWCs) because the Judge didn't like those nasty 'peel-back' hollow-points that are available now.

A friend purchased one of S&Ws new Titanium 38 when the first came out and two boxes of the recommended 125 grain non +P loads - waste of money on those loads. He was afraid to shoot reloads because one gunwriter said the bullets might back out of the cases when fired from a light weight revolver. My 200 and 158 grain SWCs at factory velocity and pressures and my 148 grain wadcutters at factory velocities all performed better from his revolver than the factory loads did and he now carries standard 158 grain SWCs.

King's point is all too well taken, and appreciated. Especially because you feel the need to be able to defend yourself, the authority to do anything but that is beyond you. If a fatal experience occurs to an aggressor because of your defending yourself you must absolutely be pictured as 'The Victim' who was forced to defend himself, not the 'Cowboy' who was out lookin' for trouble.

And to be honest I think you can do as well at defending yourself with SWCs from a snubbie as you could with the jsps or jhps. Mikey.
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