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Pinebark said:
Shot my old/new 7600 to regulate the open sights and did alright as I shot some 2in. groups at 100 yards with these old 58 year old bifocal eyes. Rested the forearm on the bags and every time I shot the forearm came back far enough that you could see the shell case and a few times it ejected it. I was not holding the forearm. Is this normal or will this damage anything ? The action is very smooth and slides easy. I do not want to damage this gun and need advice.
That's normal for pump action rifles (centerfire), & many shotguns. I had two Remington® 7600's; a 30/06 & 35 Whelen. They were OUTSTANDINGLY ACCURATE; the free-floating barrel has a lot to do with it. Use yours with confidence![/color]
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