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It's expensive, very light for a factory rifle, and accuracy is generally not that great. Yes, it's a Remington M700 action - one of the strongest and most accurate actions (yes I understand that "actions" are not accurate - it's all the components together that contribute to accuracy, but you get my point).

Why are you considering this rifle? I would think that it is probably because that, since it is lightweight, you are planning on carrying it alot on your hunting trip. Or, perhaps you just think it's kind of a cool gun.

Well, I can understand both reasons. In fact, I was considering getting one myself. But I decided against it. Weight has a great deal to do with accuracy as other factors. I just buy regular factory rifles and have them somewhat customized. Meaning I get trigger jobs, synthetic stocks, glass bedding, etc.

It's not that the Titanium series is bad, it's just that, for the money, it's not great.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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