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the karate school I study at bought our instructor a 870 marine magnaum for what a gun!looks great,action is fantastic,and the finish is as tuff as it gets.the dealer throughed in some of the short 12ga buck shot shells,I think their 1 1/2" or 1 3/4",this realy adds to the capacity.looks like this is going to be a great set up.may have to get me one :D
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:D FLYROD. What the dealer gave you was some of the AQUILA 12 GA. AMMO. It is made in MEXICO...I am not so sure that the 870 will cycle that short round with any degree of reliability. I bought a couple of boxes in them and use them in my side by sides or my over/unders. Some of the guys have been seeing some cycling problems with them in thier pumps. For your information there is a little 12ga that was made just for that short round with cycle reliability. The shot charges in this shorty is a grin to shoot at woodcock and grouse that are close. Should be good fer bunnies also. King :grin:
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