Remington Society of America Journals
- 2003, all four issues.
1st Quarter: Features: Remington New Model Pocket Revolvers by Fritz Baehr
2nd Quarter: Features: Don Talbot, Remington's Master Engraver
3rd Quarter: Features: A Remington-Beals Trials Carbine from the 1865 Ordnance Board, by Roy Marcot
4th Quarter: Features: The Golden Age of American Target Shooting, 1840-1900, by Russel S. Gilmore

- 2002, all 4 issues
1st Quarter features The Model 11-48 Shotgun
2nd Quarter features Remington Model 6 Boys Rifles by Lee Estabrook
3rd Quarter features Remington Special Shotguns by Charles Semmer
4th Quarter features Remington Custom Gun Shop

-2001, 4th Qtr , featuring Robert P. Runge Remington Master Engraver, Remington-Beals Navy Revolover sn 15, An Unusual Remington Rolling Block Military Rifle, more. 51 pages.

-2000, 2nd Quarter issue featuring the The Remington Model 11 Shotgun, "An American Classic" THIS ISSUE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE spf to Phatinjun

$40 for all, shipping included.